Meet Ines, Artist & Shop-Owner:

This world
is magical!

“When I am strolling through nature with my camera, wildflowers, grasses & butterflies are models for my photography. My heart opens up while exploring these adorable – often tiny and hidden – creatures that magically find their way in front of my macro lens. I am so touched by the beauty and diversity of nature that I want to pass this love on.

As an old soul and spiritual life traveler, I often take simple and timeless wisdom as deep insights. That’s why I also create typographic statements and quotes as valuable ambassadors for a life of more ease, serenity and good vibes.

And last but not least, for me as a graphic designer, some abstract magic should not be missing in the mix. What could be more appropriate than the divine and perfect shape of a circle?”


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My Vision

Why a “magical home” matters

At least for me, “home” has essential meaning. Maybe because I’m a Cancer zodiac sign. For me, “home” is a feeling of well-being, cosiness and a safe haven, no matter what is happening in the world out there. Ideally, you can switch off at home, recharge your batteries and create a harmonious personal world. So every day you can rise like a phoenix from the ashes and face the world outside.

“With my products I bring the most beautiful from the world out there into your rooms. This way you can transform your living space into a paradise full of love, wonder and magic.”

My creative Journey

How this shop came about